Charcuterie Platters

$ 75.00

Our charcuterie platters feature a selection of artisan cured meats and  accompaniments.  Meat selections include La Quercia Proscuitto, Tartufo salami, Finocchiona salami, Casalingo salami (salt & pepper), Texas Wild Boar salami and Duck Liver pate.  Let us know if you have special requests; we'll let you know what we can do and if there's an additional charge. The following sizes allow for two ounces of meat per person.

Small (Serves 6-8) $75
2 types of Salami  

Medium (Serves 8-12) $150

2 types of Salami, Proscuitto and accompaniments

Large (Serves 20) $195

3 types of Salami, Proscuitto and accompaniments

Casalingo Salami is the most delicately flavored of the salame family which is where it gets its other name, sale e pepe, or salt and pepper salami.  

Wild Boar salami is a mixture of field harvested Texas wild boar and all natural pork belly, seasoned with cloves and juniper berries for a robust yet sweet flavor.  The flavor profile is stronger and more distinctive and takes on the tones of the boar’s wild diet which includes roots, grasses, nuts, and berries.   

The Tartufo salami starts as a Felino salami, the most ancient salami recipe on record. It is the sister to Prosciutto di Parma because anciently and often still today it is made from the prized trimmings of prosciutto before it is salted.  Black summer truffles are added to the Felino salami blend; their delicate earthy aroma works magic with the all-natural pork.  

Legend says that the fennel-infused Finocchiona salami recipe was discovered when a Tuscan peasant boy ran into a field of wild fennel to enjoy a stolen salami. The Creminelli Finocchiona is not as salty as the traditional version but with plenty of fennel.


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