Whether seeking wines and beer for summer sipping, a fall feast or formal supper, tasty and tangy farmstead cheeses for the boat ride, or attractive items for the kitchen, pantry and table; we’ve got you covered.

Perplexed when deciphering the difference between Chardonnay and Vouvray? No Worries! My mom doesn’t know what Vouvray is either, but she’s a fan. We get it; sometimes the origin just doesn’t matter, but the story, experience and end result is much more important than how you arrived.

We carry goods from artisans dedicated to crafting their specialties using superior quality ingredients and traditional methods.  Whether it be a goat farmer/cheesemaker in the hills of North Carolina, a fashion stylist turned jam maker in Oregon, a Garnacha or the Hungarian wood carver creating stunning cutting boards, our producers are committed to supporting their local communities and respecting the environment in all facets of production.  And that’s really important for us all!

Along with lots of tastes, we take pleasure in offering up tips and tricks, pairings and various solutions for you to enjoy and share these products at home with family and friends.


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