You’re invited! Join us on Nantucket’s Old South Wharf to experience a seaside wine, cheese and entertaining discovery zone filled with a discerning selection of epicurean delights, stylish flair and fun.

This is not merely a store. Table No. 1 is an intimate gathering space infused with character, passion for fine food and wine, celebrations, family and friends – and yes, exceptional and helpful service. We showcase a refined list of our favorite artisan wines, farmstead cheeses and charcuterie from across the region, the country and abroad and a dream pantry filled with small batch and hand-crafted products - many made by friends met along the way….

At Table No.1, we cater to all kinds of customers and strive to make shopping for and eating great food and wine an enlightening, approachable, fun and delicious experience. We created this store, and our special events for people like us, united in the passion for food & drink, culture and stories that connect people and bring them together for meals and festive entertaining that contribute to a well-lived and rich life.

THE NAME: There are times when what seems an unfortunate circumstance can become a great gift when you adjust your attitude to match.  This was the story of the Powers family as they were sat at Table #83 at a wedding.  While initially it seemed that they had been dealt an unfortunate seating card, Sarah’s father, Jimmy decided that they were all in need of an attitude adjustment.  He remarked that in fact wherever you are seated, to be surrounded by family, great food and conversation meant that you were in fact at Table No. 1.  Sarah and the Powers family think of this lesson daily, and welcome you to experience this type of hospitality that comes from a positive attitude. 


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